MARKS & Spencer is celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee by launching its new range of homeware for spring/summer 2002 with a stylish and affectionate look at the British way of life.

Taking the theme of Enduring British Style, Marks & Spencer has looked at six familiar and quintessentially British styles of interior: stately home, suburban semi, country cottage, conservatory, seaside and urban apartment.

Each of these styles has been interpreted with a selection of its newest and most innovative range of furnishings and homeware.

Stately home

This home is full of antiques, family treasures and trophies from travel.

This rich and colourful interior can be created with furniture from the Manderville range, embroidered cushions, leather photo frames, textured lamps and chenille rugs.


Modest yet stylish, well made with looks that last, the rooms of the British semi have formed the lives of many.

This look combines the homeliness of the Rustica jug and wooden ridge bowl with the elegance of Giverney tableware and a Marquetry console table.

Country cottage

Pretty country garden flowers and the spirit of rural life pervade this charming range of homeware.

Floral cushions and glass vases filled with blooms and the comfort of a satin quilted bed cover will draw the countryside into the home.


The garden room is a very British indulgence.

Whatever the weather, it is a joy to have a living space that captures and conjures the best of outdoor living.

A modern interpretation of traditional wicker furniture, the Westport sofa, blends with textured pots, urns and a neat Monza bistro table.


Freshness and light and bold colours produce a holiday feel in this home.

Striped beach towels, cheerful nautical bed linen and bubble wineglasses brimming with a cooling drink capture the clear coastal light and lure of the sea.


Efficiency, economical use of space and cool, calm tones create an atmosphere of order and relaxation.

The clean lines of the Pipette lamp and tall Mercer chest and Pinitubo bistro tables and chairs create a spare but stylish look — the best of modern living.

These six styles of British interior will strike a chord with everyone who is familiar with British life.

A wealth of variety and contrast is what makes this nation such a lively and vibrant place.

For every one of the Queen's 50 years on the throne, Marks & Spencer has contributed to the fabric and texture of everyday life.