NOTHING is more magical than a beautifully dressed table at Christmas and at Marks & Spencer you will find a wealth of choice of crockery, glassware and accessories to suit every occasion.

Imaginative settings are accessible to all and with a little creativity can add a touch of magic to any celebration.

Their sophisticated gold-trimmed china and ornate gold accessories overflowing with baroque splendour can turn a special meal into a feast.

Or you may prefer the ice-cool look of their stylish silver tableware, pewter chargers and cut glass — amazing with fresh flowers and candleholders.

Coloured glass looks stunning in any surrounding. Accompanied by M&S's contemporary accessories it brings a modern look to the table.

Children's parties have not been overlooked, and brightly designed crockery and crackers look perfect with stainless steel reindeer place settings to give a festive novelty to the table.