ARE you working from home or making your return journey to university? Or maybe your children are starting back at school.

The extra homework, paperwork and lack of storage space in your home adds up to only one thing — cluttered worktops and a far from peaceful working environment.

Almost every home has a PC but with those messy cables in view and your children's games cluttering up the desk space, your PC area no longer looks stylish and modern.

The solution? A visit to Hammonds, one of the country's top manufacturers of fitted furniture.

As the end of summer nears and autumn nights creep in, it's the perfect opportunity to get organised and tidy up that spare room/study.

You don't even need a specific room to make the most of the space you've got.

Hammonds offer the solution to those home office/storage problems by utilising any space you have, be it your loft, under the stairs or even just the corner of your dining or spare room.

Hammonds' designers have the ability to make your home office in all ranges and styles available.

Many of their ranges will also match existing furniture to complement the rest of your home or make your workspace as discreet as you want.

Don't use your bedside table or kitchen drawers again. Maximise your surface areas and keep all your important documents in one place with Hammonds' heavy duty, multi-purpose ranges which not only benefit mum and dad but the kids and the teenagers too.

As well as maximising storage space, your individual and innovative solutions to your home office problems offer high levels of comfort and elegant colours and finishes.

Whether it be paperwork for your own business or your children's homework, everything is easy to see and always at hand with Hammonds' open display cabinets and versatile storage ideas.

Hammonds, established in 1926, is still a family business which understands and caters for everyone's needs. It has almost 100 outlets nationwide.

For further information telephone Hammonds on 08457 661133.