TQL — tranquil quiet lifestyle — is a new concept from Marks & Spencer, combining the best homeware, beauty and lingerie to create a cohesive collection to offer busy women a relaxing home environment.

Created by the renowned Italian couture designer Enrica Massei, the TQL range includes bed linen, tableware, lighting, deliciously comfortable clothing and soothing toiletries.

These elements work together to provide a sense of well-being and comfort.

From the moment you step through your front door after a day at work, TQL has the ingredients to ensure that you wind down.

A quick shower using TQL's range of bath and beauty products will turn bathtime into a truly serene experience, while super-soft Egyptian Jacquard hand and bath towels will greet you from the water.

Then slip into TQL's soft, delicate and comfortable clothing.

This range of tunic top, drawstring trousers, robe, ballet top and sleeveless top are reversible and made from a new fabric, exclusive to Marks & Spencer, which is soft, lightweight and easy to maintain.

In keeping with the overall theme of tranquillity, all pieces are available in grey mix and natural.

Relaxation is the antidote to stress and finding a way to balance our work and home lives has become a priority.

It's not difficult to make your home a more sensual place.

Lighting is the key to the right environment and the TQL range includes a selection of table lamps and candles to soothe the mind.

Tranquil music helps create a soothing atmosphere and a relaxation CD containing an exclusive collection of chill-out tunes will help bring a restful end to the day.

An inviting dining table doesn't have to be labour-intensive.

Any table will be transformed by TQL's dark wood and metal mats and coasters.

At the end of a busy day, an inviting bed helps a restful night's sleep.

The TQL range of bedding comes in calming, neutral colours.

You can choose a patterned cover (different designs either side) or the new plisse, a stylish and permanent pleat designed fabric.

These are made with a new easy-care cotton which needs minimum ironing.

A soft window dressing provided by white or cream voile curtains will complete the look.

Take time out — linger in the bathroom, relax in the bedroom and make the most of a tranquil, quiet lifestyle — that's TQL.