As your fridge begins to bulge at the seams and Santa finishes wrapping his pressies, spare a thought for how you are going to handle all the waste we generate over the festive period. Not only will some thoughtful recycling benefit the environment, but your garden can benefit too, and all for free!

No matter how much we endeavour to clear our plates the kitchen bin can't help but grow and grow from all those leftovers. Next time you clean the plates remember all that unwanted food is indeed valuable food for your soil, which can always gratefully receive as much home made compost you can throw at it.

Making your own compost is easy, it's just a matter of remembering to separate waste that will decompose from that which can't. Whilst its food waste that composts the quickest, you can also include shredded paper, soot and ashes from the fire and even the contents of the vacuum cleaner! Just get yourself a compost bin and site nearby the kitchen door, or if you have lots of garden waste too, build yourself a heap at the bottom of the garden.

Compost will be produced when the material is contained within a warm space where the air circulates. Purpose made compost bins, which are available from a garden centre such as Notcutts, make an ideal environment and can quickly produce results whilst only taking up minimal space. They are therefore ideal for siting on the back doorstep (location is vital; who would want to trek to the bottom of the garden in the rain after every meal?)

Did you know worms are a man's best friend when it comes to making compost? Worms just love to eat our waste and can quickly produce both bulky compost for digging into the garden as well as a liquid that makes a superb water-on feed for plants.

And where every worm would like to live is a "Wormery", a five star hotel where our slippery friends can earn unrestricted accommodation and unlimited food, just like that all-inclusive holiday! All in return for munching their way through your kitchen waste. For £49.99 our friends at "Green Gardener" will supply you with a specially designed Wormery container and 150 worms to get you started. The De-Lux model will not only contain 1,000 worms, but its clever design ensures you never have to handle a single worm if the mere thought of them sends shivers down your spine.

If the thought of worms really turns you off, how about a "Wormless Wormery"? Otherwise known as a "Solar Powered Food Digester", (£59.99) this clever invention takes your waste and through a mixture of heat produced via a solar panel and special bacteria it very quickly digests your waste down to almost nothing.

Finally, don't forget that the local councils and Notcutts operate a Christmas tree recycling scheme. Return your tree to Notcutts and you will receive a money off voucher to spend in the garden centre, your tree will then be shredded for use by the local authority for mulching and pathways within the city's parks and gardens.

For further details of Wormeries contact Green Gardener on 01473 833031 or visit their website at