WE rely on a regular supply of good, nutritious food to live healthily and so do the plants you can see outside your window right now — and guess what, they might just be relying on you.

As most of our plants have begun their spring awakening and embark on yet another season of growth the requirement for food is paramount.

Unfortunately most soils are not capable of sustaining enough nutrients for many of the plants that we grow, and so some springtime servings of something tasty is the order of the day.

One of the most important things to feed is your lawn, which probably works harder for you than any part of the garden.

Heavy rain in the autumn and winter can easily leach away nutrients from the soil and leave the turf with a big job to do this year on an empty stomach.

Applying a high nitrogen fertiliser will sustain the big surge in top growth that has already begun, and you will notice a much richer green appearance too.

Other nutrients contained within lawn fertilisers such as phosphates will encourage strong root growth, a vital foundation to support all the above ground activity.

Things will also be moving on swiftly in the flower garden, and roses will be making much new growth to produce this summer's blooms.

Applying a rose food such as Rose Plus will provide plenty of potash, which will ensure an abundance of buds this summer.

Rose Plus also contains vital trace elements, which roses need in small quantities just as we do ourselves.

Most other shrubs and perennials will also be crying out for a square meal this time of year.

Fish, blood and bone is still an excellent all-round general fertiliser to use, although I prefer to use Vitax Q4 which again contains more trace elements as well as a greater percentage of potash for flowering plants.

However, if you want to ensure your plants receive a constant supply of food throughout the whole growing season without having to make lots of applications go for a controlled release fertiliser such as osmocote.

Within each small pellet is a supply of food that gradually releases itself during the growing season, and the more the plants are growing the faster it will be released.

I always make sure to include some when I plant baskets and containers.

Don't forget you can also feed your plants by feeding the soil by adding plenty of well-rotted manure.

This contains an abundance of organisms which when added to your soil will really get things working underground, just as nature intended.