COLOUR makes a proper return to our lives this spring, so it's time to ditch those neutrals when we decorate.

According to Morwenna Brett, interior design consultant to interiors website interiorstudio. com, pink is at the top of the colour trend chart this year.

Huge technological advances in computer aided design mean clothes fashions can be closely echoed by a complementary interiors look.

Reworked to produce pretty, romantic materials, look out for fabrics set off with embroidery, sequins, velvet edging and detail.

And it's not just pink that makes a strong appearance — many other so-not-shrinking colours are coming into the home, such as opulent gold to add a sheen to your living room or bedroom.

Morwenna comes up with colourful fresh ideas each month on her own special pages within the site, which have been redesigned and include a host of new visuals.

With hints and tips for even the "greenest" decorator, plus back articles for easy reference, provides the inspiration and know-how for trouble-free interior design.

Pink may be hot, but gold will be much in evidence this year too for more dignified interiors.

This colour ranges from saffron through mustard to that brilliant egg-yolk yellow which always looks very chic, very French.

Crystal, once a definite design no-no, will be much to the fore, with chandeliers, from huge flamboyant fittings to small filigree accents, taking centre stage.

With furniture increasingly being covered in plain or very simply textured fabrics, shape is the key, and the outlines of the 1930s and the 1960s are being revived in fresh new ways.

Woods are either very dark or very blond, dark woods, especially teak, having a low sheen oiled or waxed finish, rather than a high gloss.

British designers are never afraid of borrowing ideas from all over the world, and folk influences, particularly Americana, will be much in evidence this year, so look for Navajo designs, cross-stitch embroidery, and fringed suede and feather trim on accessories like cushions, lamps and rugs.

The Oriental feel continues, but with a much wider scope. Japanese style will broaden to a wider range of looks, including cool dark rattan from Indonesia, and traditional Chinese and Tibetan painted furniture in dark woods, with a much more authentic feel than before.

While children are becoming ever more adult in their demands, adults are going the other way. So the summer will see a lot of fun-loving style with slightly eccentric, bold colours in tea towel checks and deck chair stripes.