AT this time of the year when freezing weather conditions invariably give rise to burst pipes and unexpected water leaks, help is at hand to prevent excessive water damage.

A new innovative and proven award-winning product, for sale under the name SureStop, is now available.

SureStop enables homeowners faced with a domestic flood emergency to take action quickly in order to limit damage to their property.

The SureStop water switch is in two parts, a valve that is fitted directly into the cold mains water supply and a remote switch that can be sited in any convenient position up to four metres away from the valve.

The two parts are connected via a length of small-bore flexible tubing.

SureStop uses proven servo valve technology and requires only the pressure of the water supply for its operation — no electricity, no batteries.

A large rocker switch in the remote is used to switch the water on and off.

Martin O'Donnell, sales director of Sure GB Ltd, said: "During the winter months in particular property owners will hope to be spared burst pipes and the ensuing disruption associated with redecorating, buying new furniture and fitting new carpets — even if the cost of replacements is covered under their household insurance policy,

"Unfortunately water damage is often far worse than it need be simply because homeowners are unable to locate the stopcock or it has seized and they are physically unable to turn it in order to shut off the water supply,

"SureStop brings homeowners peace of mind because they know that if the worst should happen they can take action to turn off the water easily and quickly."

Following the SureStop launch by Dr David Bellamy, who was impressed that SureStop is designed as a green product and is 100% recyclable, Solihull-based Sure GB Ltd has had SureStop approved by the WRAS, the water industry's testing and approvals body.

It has also received an Independent Living Design Award.

As a result SureStop is being specified by an increasing number of housing associations, councils and builders, especially in homes for the elderly and disabled.

Since SureStop works in seconds, on water pressure alone, it is safe and easy for everyone to use.

Not only is SureStop easy to use, it's also easy to install — it fits into 15mm pipework systems and requires no special fittings.

It can be installed in around 40 minutes by any professional or competent DIY plumber.

Because of the versatility of the location of the remote switch, SureStop can be used to protect different zones in the home, like kitchens, bathrooms or utilities, or to isolate the entire supply to the property.

SureStop has a suggested retail price of £29.95 including VAT and details of your nearest stockist are available from Sure GB Ltd on 0121 782 5777.

For most homeowners SureStop represents an inexpensive alternative to the stop valve and by preventing excessive water damage it has the potential to save them expensive refurbishment.