SISTERS really are doing it for themselves, according to an NOP Omnibus survey commissioned by woodcare experts Sadolin.

A staggering 29% of women questioned in the national poll said they do most of the DIY in their household, dispelling the myth that it is only men who possess building and decorating skills.

In fact The Guardian reports that nearly half of women choose how and when to decorate their homes, compared to less than a quarter 20 years ago.

This trend of female DIYers is likely to continue with the number of single-person households projected to increase by a third over the next 20 years, and recent mortgage industry research suggesting that more women than men are buying their own home.

Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: "The Sadolin survey indicates that no matter where you live, how old you are, or even what your social class, people are DIYing — and a third are women.

"This, and the fact that the number of women DIY-ers has doubled in the last 20 years, suggests that if this trend continues women will soon overtake the men."

Women are also enjoying getting their hands dirty more than men according to a recent Mintel survey, with more than half of the female respondents taking a good deal of pleasure out of gardening while 39% of men stated that they only do DIY if they absolutely have to.

Indeed the new breed of empowered women home decorators and builders seem to have decided that the quickest and easiest way of getting those window frames treated or the shed built is to get stuck in themselves — whether they are in a relationship or not.

In fact only 15% of the women participating in the Sadolin survey confessed to calling in the professionals and a measly 6% relied on their dad to do the dirty work.

Sadolin retail marketing manager Donna Waites said: "Traditionally women have been responsible for choosing the colour schemes for the garden and home, whilst the men have carried out the work.

"Now it seems that an increasing number of women are realising that putting up shelves and treating the fence is not as difficult as men have made it out to be."

The Sadolin survey also indicates that couples are not arguing about DIY as much as it is perhaps generally perceived, with 63% of the respondents stating that it has never caused disagreement in their relationship.

In fact Dr Holmes claims couples who DIY together are more likely to have a fun-filled relationship. Clearly couples who play together DIY together.

Similarly a broken relationship can be built brick by brick and paint-stroke by paint-stroke by enmeshing couples in the task of improving their home.

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