The development has won an award for its hi-tech security systems.

The Association of Chief Police Officers made the award in recognition of the high security standards being installed at the development, which will feature its own security control room, CCTV, help points and an agreed security protocol for all companies which occupy the site.

Hampshire's Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan presented the Secured by Design certificate to Slough Estates' chief executive Derek Wilson.

As the largest "blue chip" business park in Europe, Farnborough is believed to be the first development to achieve the award for security design excellence at the "new build" stage.

Pc Guy Collyer, North-East Hampshire police's crime reduction officer, said: "To achieve the Secured by Design award we formed a partnership from a very early stage during planning.

"This has resulted in a cost-effective project that will be seen as innovative, as well as being a market leader.

"Slough Estates, Symonds Group and Hampshire Constabulary have a lot to be proud of, and we all look forward to welcoming a new business community to Farnborough."

John Danks, principal manager at the park, said: "Slough Estates is delighted to receive this award.

"The importance is that one has had to consult with the police from the beginning to ensure that security is built into the park at a design stage.

"Slough is particularly pleased because security issues are of paramount importance to our customers and their employees.

"With this award we can demonstrate that we can offer them more secure surroundings than are available on other sites."

Pictured with the certificate are Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan and Derek Wilson.