SHE may look like the daughter of infamous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, but that is where the resemblance ends for one Ash Vale teenager.

Sara Gillett, from Gloster Road, is the UK’s first Kelly Osbourne lookalike and has already appeared in national newspapers and magazines.

But she insists that her own family life couldn’t be more different from the bizarre antics as witnessed by millions on the smash hit show The Osbournes.

“I have seen the show a few times and although we are quite different, the one thing I like about the Osbournes is that they all seem to be very close to each other — just like my family.”

The 18-year-old decided to ring an agency when people in the street kept telling her that she looked like Kelly.

She went to the Farnborough-based Quality Entertainment Agency, which linked her up with the looka-likes of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne — the mum and dad of the family.

“It was only after I signed up that I started to learn more about Kelly,” said Sara, who is studying for her A-levels at Farnborough College of Technology.

“I have had a look at her website, bought a book and listened to her songs, although to be honest I’m not really into that sort of music.”

Sara admits that she has not been blessed with the best singing voice in the world, and hopes she is not called upon to reproduce Papa Don’t Preach at a future live appearance.

She is now hoping that the Osbourne family, mark two, will find the final member of the gang — her ‘brother’ Jack.

“No-one has been found to take the part of Jack, and it would be great to complete the family before we have a major appearance together.”