A man allegedly raped a woman and subjected her to “behaviour designed to humiliate her as much as possible”, such as making her strip and crawl on her hands and knees, a court has heard.

Ashley Robert Howard, 28, of Water Lane, Farnborough, is charged with two counts of rape which are both alleged to have taken place on February 27 2015.

Mr Howard pleaded not guilty to both charges at Guildford Crown Court on Monday (February 13), saying the pair had sex but it was consensual.

The incident allegedly happened when Mr Howard visited the woman, saying he did not have enough money to get to where he needed to go that day.

The prosecution then alleges that following the incident, the victim was subjected to “behaviour designed to humiliate her as much as possible”.

Susannah Bramley, prosecuting, said: “He subjected her to humiliating behaviour such as stripping while standing in the corner of the room and crawling on her hands and knees from one room to the other.

“Behaviour designed to humiliate her as much as possible.”

After the alleged incident, the victim then drove Mr Howard to a cash point and gave him £50 before he left.

The trial continues.