AFTER reopening following a major refurbishment earlier this year, The Greyhound pub in Ash Street, Aldershot is proving to be a running success.

The new-look Greyhound has seen booming trade and a huge rise in the number of guests visiting the pub over the last few weeks.

Ember retail business manager, Steve Roswell, comments: "Locals hardly recognise the place, all have commented on how fantastic the pub now looks.

"Word seems to be spread-ing quickly as we're attracting totally new guests and guests who haven't visited the pub for years. And they obviously like our new look because they keep coming back."

That's not surprising when you learn that the pub is scoring top marks in cleanliness, general standards, food quality and service.

Steve adds: "The response by guests has been pheno-menal and takings have been in excess of what we predicted.

"The pub's immediate popularity means we are maintaining our first class standards even when everything is so busy and it is a real credit to our hard working and committed team at the Greyhound."