Do you get the feeling you’ve barely got Christmas out the way before the next one is upon you.

That was seemingly the case at Frimley Park Hospital when youngsters in the children’s ward were showered with gifts by staff from Farnborough’s Holmes Place Health Club.

Corporate sales manager Lizzie Booth and children’s activities manager Lizzie Love brightened up the day by delivering boxes of presents collected by club members.

Hospital play specialist Pauline Mayer said: “We are always particularly pleased with donations. The children need a good variety to play with, especially when they are here for a long time.

“Toys always need to be renewed when bits go missing, and we need a variety of toys for children of different age groups.”

She added: “We are most grateful to the people at the gym, both members and staff, for thinking of us.

“The toys are a good distraction when children are ill and the soft toys are very comforting.”

Lizzie Love said: “It took about a month to collect this lot.

“One day the office was empty and the next thing we knew there were toys all over the place.

“There are soft toys, books, pens and paints, all sorts of things for the children to enjoy.”

Lizzie Booth, whose own son was in the hospital last year, said: “The toys were collected by members of Bernie’s spinning class and new members of the club were given a reduced joining fee if they donated a toy.”