Over the years Kathryn had completed a number of decorating jobs for family and friends.

This experience, combined with known difficulties in finding painters and decorators, obtaining quotes and then receiving a reliable service, persuaded her there was a market, and 'Angel' was born.

Angel offers a full domestic decorating service, both internally and externally.

Kathryn works on most jobs herself but has access to other skilled tradespeople whenever the need arises.

To date all of her work has come from personal recommendations, but Kathryn intends to expand the business by marketing Angel's services to the local community.

Providing a service in an industry dominated by men she has encountered a few problems, such as customers sometimes assuming she will have difficulty removing radiators.

On the other hand many female customers often feel more comfortable dealing with her and allowing full access to their homes.

Kathryn approached Blackwater Valley Enterprise for help as she wanted to ensure she was fully aware of the various compliance issues and to discuss the level of book-keeping required.

She said: "BVE have been extremely helpful, offering relevant information and advice on setting up my business; it is reassuring to know that as Angel develops they will continue to offer their support."

Kathryn, pictured with her shiny new van, can be contacted on 01252 334068.