KPMG has been contracted by SEEDA to promote and programme manage the ‘lean manufacturing’ programme across SEEDA’s key industrial sectors.

The initiative focuses on adapting processes to save time and money and reduce waste.

This programme is one of the key ways the agency aims to increase wealth in the region by increasing business competitiveness, as set out in the regional economic strategy published by SEEDA earlier this year.

KPMG have been contracted by SEEDA to manage the three main components of the scheme:

- Marketing the scheme and recruiting relevant companies.

- Constructing a programme partnership to deliver the consulting and training interventions. The current partner organisations include EEF South, SA Partners, SBAC, ASSA and EMTA.

- The final part is a formal recognition for individual managers and workers who participate in the scheme; this is likely to take the form of a NVQ in business improvement techniques or similar accredited qualification.

KPMG has worked with SEEDA to develop the scheme in a way which will ensure permanent change.

Sustainability is one of the core values of the agency and the scheme has been developed to ensure that companies who have received training and advice don’t revert back to ‘old ways’.

By bringing the whole supply chain together, implementing ‘lean techniques’ for companies and suppliers, the long-term success of the project is improved.

This project will run in conjunction with on-going work by the manufacturing advisory service run by EEF South.

The scheme will focus on key industries for the south-east — automotive, aerospace and defence, environmental technologies, hi-tech engineering, ICT, marine, motor-sports, pharmacology, biotechnology, construction, and others.

The programme will deliver measurable step change improvements in operational effectiveness such as productivity, order fulfilment lead time, inventory, complexity, waste and quality.

More than 40 companies across the south-east are already actively interested in the programme.

For more information on the scheme call project manager at KPMG, or