The shop at the Mill Lane complex is a complete revamp of the long-standing premises, with a fresh new look and total restock.

The range of gifts is wide and includes exclusive hand made crafts such as decoupage, pottery, silk scarves, watercolours and drawings, ornaments, vases, photo frames, perfumed candles and dried flower arrangements.

There is a selection of the Industries’ own unique textiles, plus unusual hand crafted cards for all occasions and a range of wedding stationery.

Sunflowers is next to Poppies tea shop, which opened in February and is doing well.

“We think we have everything here at Sunflowers to make your home more beautiful or for a special gift,” said manager Caryl Bromhead.

“We needed to bring it up to date, make the shop lighter and brighter and more of the 21st century. There are some lovely things here but all at sensible prices.

“People can come along and browse in the gift centre then go into Poppies for tea or coffee in very pleasant surroundings. It has been hard work on the part of the staff to make the changes but we are delighted with the results.

“It is a major source of support for the Industries, which is a charity employing disabled people.

“We would like everyone to come along and see what we have to offer with the new venture.”

The yellow ribbon was cut in the opening ceremony by trustee and former manager Col Ralph Stocker, along with fellow trustee Alan Chapman.