As over one million school pupils and students prepare to take exams, Aldershot’s store director John Lucas said: “Your eyes can feel strained and tired if you’re reading or working on the computer for lengthy periods of time.

“It can also become difficult to focus and staring non-stop at a computer can bring on headaches.

“We suggest that you take vision breaks and give eye muscles a chance to relax.”

Specsavers’ top ten tips for students are:

- Change your focus from time to time by looking at an object at least 20 feet away from your screen or books.

- Do eye exercises by rolling or blinking the eyes and closing them tightly for a few seconds.

- Arrange your workstation and lighting to avoid direct and reflected glare.

- Ensure your computer screen is slightly below eye level.

- Remember you can adjust the screen brightness and contrast for maximum viewing comfort. Do not irritate your eyes unnecessarily.

- Face an open space beyond your computer screen.

- Clean your computer screen regularly.

- Take short breaks, of ten to 15 minutes every two hours to relax your eyes and body.

- Computers continually redraw the image on the display screen and this makes the display flicker. Make sure your computer has a high-refresh rate to maximize your comfort.

- Have your eyes checked regularly, ideally once every two years. Tests for under 16s are free.

There are a number of other complementary measures that can be adopted to prevent visual problems.

Eyes can be nourished with lutein and blueberries, both are packed with vitamin A.

Lutein is naturally found in red peppers, kale, mustard, spinach and egg yolk, so eating more of these will help protect eyes from muscle and tissue damage.

Blueberries equally protect the light sensitive membranes of the eye from damage and also increase blood flow to the retina, so skip the traditional bowl of cornflakes for breakfast and opt for a blueberry muffin instead.

Following these simple steps can make revising for exams and essay writing much less of a strain on your eyes.