Originally concentrating on public events and coach tours, proprietor Geoff Allen has made a positive step into what is seen as an exciting industry - corporate event management.

With the increasing popularity of the area for attracting new businesses, Geoff believes there is a demand to be able offer his company's excellent customer service and organisational skills to the corporate market.

With the recent addition of two event managers, Sarah-Jane Walsh and David Forder, Travallen Travel & Events now has a dedicated corporate management team.

Sarah-Jane and David have extensive experience in organising events and customer service.

Armed with a full deck of exciting event ideas, the team will be out to impress businesses both large and small, assisting with team building away days, conference management, sports and social events and logistical arrangements.

They also present a service that will tailor-make an event to your specific requirements.

If you are interested in receiving a proposal for an event you are considering, or a copy of the event guide, then call 01252 877103 or e-mail Sarah-Jane and David at Events@Travallen.co.uk.