Frances Machattie, age 10, spent a holiday locally some time ago when she saw the Junior News & Mail in the paper and decided to submit this article about Christmas in Australia where she is currently residing. She will be moving to England in March. She is pictured with her sister Helly (age 13) and her brother Tom (age 7).

Christmas in Australia

Christmas is a great time of year. In England you picture Christmas as snow, jumpers and roast turkey (or chicken). Well it is completely different in Australia.

Our Christmas is in summer and Australia is a really warm country so we don’t sit inside trying to keep warm. We are roaming around the local pool trying anything not to burn. For our end of year school party we went to Balmoral Beach in Sydney and it was 37° C!

Another different thing is the holiday situation. In England, the longest holiday is the summer holidays in July and August. Well, same for us but our summer is Christmas time so our longest holiday is the Christmas one. We leave school in mid December and go back end of January.

Even though it is really hot, I guess it is really fun. You get to spend your time with your friends next to the pool and Santa doesn’t need to worry about fire in the chimney.

Even though our Christmas’ are different in some ways, they all have 1 thing in common. Christmas is a time to love.