AS a recent new resident in Fleet, can I say how much I love both the area and the community spirit in this small but lively town.

Being a resident on the new Elvetham Heath Development I do hope that both the attractiveness and the sense of community within the area can be preserved with the advent of the new houses being built.

I write to gauge the opinion of others with regards to the new traffic calming measures in Elvetham Road.

The road is very busy, serving as a vital link between Hartley Wintney and a number of other local towns and villages and Fleet railway station and the M3.

As a resident of the Heath I regularly use this route and am well aware of the large numbers of irresponsible drivers speeding down this road.

However, I must protest at the method of calming being implemented by Hart Council in the form of concrete traffic islands across both sides of the road.

These islands are very dangerous, making cars move into the opposite carriageway in the face of oncoming traffic.

To add to the inherent danger, the islands start at the Heath end of the road with the first set being placed on a brow of the hill.

As you drive towards the first set of islands it is very difficult to assess whether there is any oncoming traffic until you are right in the face of the oncoming traffic.

During busy periods there is now traffic chaos with large queues of cars forming at each island in both directions along the road.

This causes both anger and frustration for some drivers as others either deliberately or in error ignore the priority signs.

This problem is made worse by the fact that priority changes from island to island right along the road adding to the general confusion amongst drivers.

Whilst I admit that something must be done to get down the speed of irresponsible drivers I feel that this measure is dangerous.

Were the alternatives of speed humps or cameras seriously considered? These would produce the same calming effect without endangering road users.

I urge Hart District Council to reconsider the alternatives to the current measures in the interests of the safety of the community.

Robin Davies, Chineham Close, Fleet.