Re: the Milly Dowler case:

About a year ago, at about 8pm one evening, I saw a girl in the back of a dark coloured car in Fleet, and she was either having a bit of hysterical fun or was just plain hysterical.

Her two hands were at the window and she was sort of squealing or screaming. I couldn't hear very well, since the windows were closed.

The car was stopped at the lights by the canal bridge in Reading Road South and I was on foot. I thought it was someone mucking about, but the speed at which the car sped away towards Farnham when the lights changed made me realise that it could have been someone in serious trouble. I immediately rang 999 on my mobile phone, and told the police what I had seen. They took my details and thanked me, and said they would contact me, but I heard nothing afterwards.

It was dark and I don't know the make of the car, but it was dark coloured and about the size of a Corsa or Vauxhall Nova.

Shortly after Milly's body was discovered in the Fleet area, I thought back to the time I had used the 999 service, and reckoned it was somewhere near the time of Milly's disappearance, so I again phoned the police, and had a visit from, and gave a detailed statement to a police officer. She asked me whether I could be any more accurate about the dates, and I rang the person in Cornwall who was visiting Fleet, and whom I was on my way to meet when I saw the girl in the car.

I hadn't kept records of dates, but she had, and we ascertained almost beyond doubt that it was within 48 hours of Milly's disappearance.

This phone conversation was in the presence of a woman police officer, who made no effort to include this bit, since by then my statement was finished and signed, but she assured me that it would be considered by the investigating team.

I am concerned that I have never yet seen any publicity along the lines that "…somebody in Fleet saw a dark saloon hatchback heading out of Fleet towards Farnham with an apparently distraught girl in the back….did anybody else see anything like this at about that time?"

I have since spoken to the same officer on the phone and she tells me that all information is fed into the system and it is then up to them to decide what is relevant.

The police tell me that my 999 call was untraceable, so I am wondering if that made them discount my statement. Could they have put me down as an attention-seeker?

If so, I am not offended for myself, but if this discounting of my statements contributes to the continued freedom of the perpetrators, then this is nothing short of horrific, in my opinion!

Aubrey Bailey-Styles, Clarence Road, Fleet.

l Mr Bailey-Styles has since asked the police for a copy of his statement, but has been told they do not give out copies. Police told Mr Bailey-Styles that they did not issue a bulletin about the "dark car" since there was not enough detail about it and they could have been deluged with calls from people who thought they saw something. The police had no explanation as to why his 999 call was not recorded.