Almost unnoticed amidst the hoopla of the Countryside March, the most terrifying threat to Britain's freedom yet seen cropped up - from a no-doubt well meaning Liberal Democrat MEP - member of the European Parliament.

Andrew Duff, chief draftsman of the European Liberals on the body which is writing the Constitution of the United States of Europe - yes, the EU superstate they all swore would never happen - has come up with a proposal which would mean that we are locked into the EU for ever.

It means that, whatever goes wrong, whatever political regime takes over in Europe - and some pretty nasty ones have in recent memory - Britain could be forced to stay in the EU against the will of Parliament and the wishes of a majority of British voters.

Something called The Convention on the Future of Europe is currently writing the draft constitution of the European Union. This body, packed as you might expect with pro-Europe sympathisers, will settle our political future once and for all unless some major opposition is mounted soon. This is unlikely, as probably 95 per cent of the population has never heard of it.

There is something called an "exit clause" in this new document. Under it the rebel state - say Great Britain - would need the backing of three quarters of the votes of the Council of Ministers, two-thirds of the European Parliament and ratification by every single country of the EU to get out.

In other words, it would mean there was no way we could escape by legal means. Our army, of course, is in the process of being subsumed in large part into the new European army. Clever, that.

Mr. Duff says his proposal is intended to avoid the sort of situation that led to the American Civil War, where the north fought to stop the south seceding. As I said, it seems well-meaning enough.

However, this assumes all is well in a far from perfect world, and already many countries are rueing the day they chucked away their currencies and signed up to the inflexible, price-raising Euro. Just look at the unemployment rates across the continent. Unfortunately, there is no ‘get out' clause.

It's rather like being eaten by a crocodile. The teeth are designed so that the victim slides in but cannot get out again.

These are bleak times for lovers of freedom and democracy.

Meanwhile, our own dreary Government and opposition blather on, with reams of ridiculous, forest-consuming "initiatives" which show little initiative or original thought.

One major problem they all skirt round and never address is the dire state of roads in Britain.

Britain's motorists provide £40 billion a year in taxation, almost none of which goes into a better, safer road network.

A journalist called Mike Rutherford, who presents the Motor Show on Talk Sport Radio on Fridays from noon to 2 pm (listen in, it's great!) investigated and found that of this forty thousand million pounds, to show you what I am actually talking about, the Conservatives spent a meagre £1.5 to £1.9 billion a year on roads. Prescott soon halved this when he lurched on to the bridge and took control. The figures in recent years are reputedly even smaller.

Remember, this is OUR money and should be spent on OUR roads for OUR benefit. It is not "the Government's" . The Government owns nothing, creates nothing (except red tape) and solves nothing.

A lot of militant motorists need to get involved with political parties and start changing this agenda. We are a vast, oppressed majority and it's about time we punched our weight. Then we can boot out the people narrowing and blocking our roads and failing to build the new ones we need.

ARE you sitting comfortably? Hart's new chief executive certainly is. She has just replaced the chairs in her office for £1,000 - £100 a chair. The old chairs were sent round the council offices for use by lesser mortals. Presumably they were all sitting on the floor until now. Or are they breeding again.....?