SANDHURST Town Council, which has recently been accused of not consulting the townspeople before embarking on controversial schemes such as the ill fated teenaged drop in centre in the Memorial Park, is to call on the people to help with its vision for the next 20 years.

The new chairman of the council's 2020 subcommittee, Coun. John Webb has called a special meeting for Tuesday October 1 at the Kitty Dancy Room (the Council Chamber) at which he hopes to hear views and ideas from local organisations and other interested people.

In recent times there have been several raucous and ill-tempered meetings when protesters attacked the council but Coun. Webb hopes that contributions this time will be positive rather than negative.

"I am approaching schools, churches, doctors and various other community bodies and I will welcome anyone else who would like to contribute to the discussions," he said.

Subjects likely to be covered include leisure, sports, roads, health and many others -"we will start with a clean sheet."

He believes that if the committee had been formed earlier it might have prevented some of the recent problems. He hopes that the committee will meet on a monthly basis and its recommendations will be passed to the Town Council's Strategy and Policy committee.

"We are looking to the years ahead and not those that have gone," he says.