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Two abandoned fox cubs found in the Fleet area are the latest patients at a wildlife centre that has cared for thousands of sick and injured animals in north east Hampshire.

HART (Hampshire Animal Rescue Team) wildlife hospital received a call from Ark Veterinary Practice in Connaught Road, Fleet, on Monday (April 28) after a fox cub was brought in by a member of the public.

The male fox cub was found in a storm drain and was cold, wet and weak.

Two HART volunteer drivers collected the cub and brought it to the hospital in Medstead near Alton.

Nicknamed Storm, the cub was exhausted and scared, but staff member Caragh Hunter managed to get some food into him before he took a well-needed sleep. He was cared for overnight by a HART volunteer and started feeding himself by the morning.

One of the abandoned fox cubs found in the Fleet area and being looked after by HART Wildlife Rescue.

Then on Tuesday (April 29) the hospital received a call from Linda Thompson, whose husband had found and picked up a fox cub by TJ Services Garage in Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, where he works.

The female cub, named Fredricka, was slightly larger but very weak and emaciated and had lots of ticks.

Both cubs are around two months old and are now putting on weight and getting stronger.

"The loss of their mother is likely to be a factor in their poor condition, so there could be other litter mates which are in trouble, so we are asking people to keep an eye out," said HART clinical assistant Lauren Todd. "It is normal for cubs to be out playing near their den, but not for a tired/cold cub to let a person near it."

HART provides a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service for animals throughout Hampshire.

The registered charity deals with more than 1,000 animals every year and is funded entirely from donations.