AN independent report into the controversial Elvetham Road chicanes in Fleet is expected to conclude that some of them should be removed.

The report, and Hampshire county officials' views on it, are due to be put before Hart Highways Advisory Panel next week. On Thursday Hart passed a Conservative motion calling for the chicanes to be scrapped - but Coun. Dennis Gotel, the man who has led the campaign against them - abstained.

He said on Tuesday: "Having called for a safety review, they have pre-empted the report."

Coun. Gotel had been accused by Coun. Sean Holden of withdrawing his opposition to the scheme and Coun. Richard Hunt added that Coun. Gotel had "abandoned those that had elected him."

Coun. Gotel hit back, saying: "I am not prepared to argue with idiots."

He added that he had wanted the matter deferred to the following council meeting when the independent report had been received and a solution could be found.