THIS year's Farnborough International Air Show will be held in the shadow of September 11.

Security will be tighter than ever, with scores of police on duty to ensure the safety of VIPs from all over the world.

To ensure total co-ordination, Hampshire police will for the first time have control both inside and outside the show site.

The impact of the terrorist attack on America has already been reflected in a drop in corporate hospitality bookings for the SBAC event from July 22 to 28.

David Norris, SBAC marketing director, said: "It seems that company's have taken the view that they can't be seen entertaining clients when they are laying so many people off."

Already 20,000 jobs have been lost in the UK aircraft industry since September 11, and a further 20,000 are expected to go in the near future.

He also predicted that orders at the show would be well below the record 52-billion dollars taken at the previous event two years ago.

"The 2000 show was exceptional and it would be a supreme optimist to say we will get near that figure," he continued.

But it is not all doom and gloom, revealed Mr Norris at a pre-show reception last week.

Demand for exhibition stands has been so great that extra space has been provided to meet the demand.

And despite the continued terrorist threat, the American aviation industry will be well represented.

One main difference from previous shows is that TAG Aviation now controls the airfield which it acquired from the Ministry of Defence.

The company is running it as a business airport, and corporate jets will continue to use it throughout the show.

One benefit is that agreement has been reached for world's VIP's and business chiefs to land at the airfield rather than fly in to Blackbushe.

TAG is to set up a temporary terminal with all the necessary services, including customs and passport control.