THE parking problem in Park Road, Heatherdale Road etc, Camberley identified in the Mail of May 20 is but the tip of the iceberg and the restrictions planned by the county council akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

What is urgently needed is a policy decision that no more development that will significantly add to vehicular traffic volumes (let alone police and hospital etc workloads) will be approved in Surrey Heath.

Unfortunately there is no will to do that from either local or central government (the latter’s endorsement of the policy being essential if the policy is not to be circumvented by government inspectors at the appeal stage) as is evident from the local council’s proposals for the land west of Park Street, which are actually designed to bring more people (and therefore traffic) into Camberley.

The fact that local responsibilities for “transportation” and planning no longer go hand in hand perhaps makes it even less likely that there will ever be an effective solution to the problem of overdevelopment in Camberley.

CJF Pavey

The Avenue