One evening recently I was talking to a group at Farnborough Community Centre when I bumped into Daphne Hannawin, widow of the late Cove councillor Terry Hannawin.

Thirty years ago Terry was one of a group of Cove Residents' Association councillors, at one time numbering eight, who made such a mark on the former Farnborough Council.

This group of independently minded folk put Cove first and thoughts of party politics never influenced their policies or votes.

I worked with them, as chief reporter of the local paper at the time, and found them a refreshing contrast to many of the party hacks, at that time and since.

Perhaps it's time to re-form what their friends called in fun "The Cove Rebel Army," only for each area of every local authority.

Certainly many people are sick of the big political parties, a mood which could be found in Britain and overseas in the recent elections.

In Hart two Independent candidates triumphed, sweeping in to top the polls in their respective wards, on the way despatching two long-serving Tories. I predict this will be the start of a big Independent revival throughout this area.

Coun. Stocks, defender of the rightly despised chicane system in Elvetham Road - a 12th roadblock was just added in this 1.3 mile stretch - was bounced out of his Fleet seat and may lose his County Council seat if a strong challenger in the mould of Keki Jessavala comes forward.

Even in Knellwood, Farnborough, the two losing independents didn't miss by much.

The big battalions who have so long taken voters for granted and allowed too many idiocies to go through, like road build-outs, pavement widening, road closures - then reopenings - had better watch out.

Voters' money is constantly squandered. I was told this week that the Elvetham insanity has cost us all £178,000.

What we need are independent mayors.

I wouldn't mind running myself. On behalf of the Taxcutters' Party….

The red tape and bureaucrats would soon be cut down to size and taxpayers would be invited to watch as the remaining few staff at Rushmoor and Hart Councils, their "company cars" sold and salaries cut, were moved into their new pre-fab offices after their existing grandiose palaces were sold off.