Rushmoor residents have said they think how an increase in their council tax bill has been presented is "wrong".

Aldershot Wellington Ward councillor and Labour group leader Alex Crawford previously told Get Hampshire the council tax bill for people in Rushmoor was "misleading" after a 156% increase has been given incorrectly as 3%.

But Councillor Paul Taylor, Rushmoor Borough Council’s cabinet member for corporate services, said the format had been "prescribed by central government" and a fuller explaination would be posted on the council's website.

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said the council tax charge has increased by 4.99% this year and, of that figure, 3% will help to fund adult social care funding pressures.

But other residents in Rushmoor have also complained about how the increase has been represented.

Walter Winkworth, a 73-year-old retired engineer from Aldershot, said: "I was just going through the Rushmoor tax bill and saw it. I wouldn't describe myself as a maths genius but the tax increase year on year said three percent.

"I just thought to myself that's not true."

He added: "I do understand that social care needs to come from somewhere but I feel that whatever the government said, the council shouldn't send something that's not true.

"I think it's wrong."

Simon Taylor, a self-employed engineer and music promoter from Farnborough, filmed his 12-minute telephone conversation with Rushmoor Borough Council about his bill and posted it on Get Hampshire's Facebook page.

Mr Taylor said: "I am simply amazed that Rushmoor Council told me that they themselves had been told by Hampshire council to put 3% on the council tax bill, when in fact, they have admitted to me that the actual increase in the precept is 156%! Amazing."