Vandalism to a fence which acts as a boundary around Aldershot’s army housing quarters is ‘doing the town no good’, an official behind the town’s urban extension scheme has said.

Wooden fencing belonging to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), which surrounds its housing quarters, has suffered from repeated damage for more than 18 months, with panels being removed or broken.

The result has been dozens of repairs during this period, only for further damage to occur, leaving the fence looking like a patchwork quilt with different shades of wood used to fill in gaps.

John Beresford, development director at Grainger, the developer managing Project Wellesley, said he was aware of the disrepair of the boundary fence. “The state of them isn't doing the town any good,” he said.

Project Wellesley will involve much of the MoD-owned land north of Aldershot town centre being used to build thousands of new houses, while surrounding spaces and prominent buildings will also be refurbished.

Mr Beresford added: “In the past I have argued that the fence between the married quarters and Wellington Street should be included in the public realm works. This is work designed to make the town feel and look better.

“I am making progress and hopefully the fence will be replaced by nice Victorian-style railings.”

The fence is visible to motorists and pedestrians travelling around or through Aldershot, on roads such as Wellington Avenue and High Street.

Rosalind Sherwood, who lives in Newport Road, said she regularly walked along Ordnance Road and was appalled by the state of the fencing and how often repairs had to be carried out.

“It’s a long fence and people are pulling down individual panels and whole pieces,” she said. “They are doing their best, but nobody seems to be stopping whoever is doing it.”

A spokesman for the MoD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation said that fly-tipping was seen as a more prevalent problem in the Ordnance Road area, saying recent damage to the fence near the entrance to Pike Close had been caused by fire from an illegally dumped motorbike. Repairs are expected to be carried out shortly.

A spokesman said they did not have an exact figure for how much had been spent on repairing the fence, adding: “The MoD reminds the public that it reserves the right to prosecute anyone found illegally dumping rubbish on its property.”