Work to improve access between the town centre and railway station in Aldershot has been delayed.

The Hampshire County Council project, including repaving footpaths, installing new traffic signals at the and adding new signposts , was due to begin on Monday January 20.

However, on the day the contractors were due to move in, councillors for the area were informed that the work would start later than scheduled.

A county council spokesman said this is because the contractor carrying out the work submitted its health and safety plan late, meaning the council was unable to authorise the work.

They added: "We don’t have a confirmed date at present but it is anticipated works will start on site by the end of the week."

It is hoped the scheme will make Victoria Road more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly by offering a better quality footpath surface and easier crossing at the Station Road end.

It adds to a previous county council project that cost £402,000 but was criticised for being dangerous for pedestrians and damaging for taxi businesses .

This previous scheme is currently undergoing a review process following consultation with those who use Victoria Road.