Aldershot is behind the times. One hour behind.

The feature town clock by the escalators in the Wellington Centre is exactly one hour slow and it is going to stay that way. The timepiece, complete with clockwork figures of a jolly man and his dog, is not running down; it just never had its hands moved forward when the rest of the country went on British Summer Time in the spring.

Adjusting the clock's four faces to the correct time would cost £2,000 and the shopping centre has better things to do with its money, says centre administrator Caroline Gungadeen.

She said that to do the job, towers had to be erected and the clock adjusted overnight by specialist firms, but the centre had other priorities. The time changes have been done every other year, but this year the budget did not stretch to it.

Centre staff received complaints about the clock from a customer, William Glass, of Arthur Street, Aldershot, who also wrote to the Star.

"I told them it was the year 2003 and Aldershot deserved better," said Mr Glass. He said people "should show their disgust and stop shopping in the Wellington Centre."

The clock has other problems too. The colourful clockwork man no longer pedals his cycle on the hour. Nor does his cute little dog any longer wag his tail. I think the moral of this story is - if you want a showpiece clock to entertain shoppers, do not hang it 30 feet up in the air where no one can reach it. Meanwhile, if you want to check the time, come back in October.