HART Council's Cabinet will be looking tonight (Thursday) at yet another potential site for a minitown -the 107-acre Pyestock site between Fleet and Farnborough.

Pyestock has previously been used by the MOD for research and development and QinetiQ now owns it. In addition to disused facilities it has some areas still in use including an engine testing company and a fairly modern office block.

The cabinet will be told that while QinetiQ has been preparing a master plan for commercial redevelopment Hart officers have informally spoken to the firm about housing.

The planners' report says Pyestock could take 1000 to 2000 homes -" a small, self contained community with appropriate supporting facilities." QinetiQ has shown interest in exploring the idea and is prepared to fund assessments.

The cabinet will also be looking tonight at the housing potential of the notorious "stink" farm -the Clarks Farm mushroom farm at Yateley. This has previously been put forward for office development and rejected by Hart but there is an appeal pending.

The cabinet is being recommended to show support for widening the scope of alterations to the Local Plan to consider the potential of Pyestock for at least 150 dwellings by 2006 and the potential of Clarks Farm for a mixed development of live and work units whilst preserving the integrity of the strategic gap between the local communities.