PROTESTERS are again celebrating victory in their battle against a mobile phone giant at Farnborough.

In the latest row, more than 300 residents objected to One 2 One's application to build a compound with a 73ft high mast at the town's railway station in Union Street.

They sent letters and an 87-signature petition to Rushmoor Council planners, protesting that the mast would be an eyesore and a health risk.

Their claim that the mast would be unsightly was backed by the development control committee which threw out the application.

Members decided One 2 One's reasons for wanting to put up the mast did not outweigh the visual impact it would have on the area.

In June last year the planners turned down a similar application on the grounds that the proposed mast would be for the exclusive use of One 2 One. They said that Government guidelines suggested that the mast should be shared with other telecommunications operators.

In an effort to overcome this objection, the company's latest application involved putting up a mast with 18 antenna, with room for three further dishes.

The mast would have been shared with Vodaphone and BT Cellnet, with a separate equipment cabin for each company.

These would have been sited behind a 6ft high chain-link fence.