A VAN driver was left badly shaken when his vehicle was struck by stones hurled from a bridge over the A331 Blackwater Valley Road at Farnborough last Thursday.

He is the latest in an ever-lengthening list of motorists whose vehicles have been targeted by mindless idiots in the Star area.

So far one driver has been killed in the latest spate of missile throwing incidents, but police say it's a miracle that there haven't been other fatalities.

The van driver was approaching Frimley Business Park at about 11am when two youths hurled stones at his vehicle from a nearby bridge.

The missiles cracked the windscreen. The driver, although badly shaken, escaped unhurt.

Both vandals were aged 13-15 years. One was wearing a light blue shirt and black trousers, and the other had on a white long sleeve shirt.

Police have appealed for information from anyone who witnessed the incident, or who recognises the description of the pair.

Sergeant Paul Pressley, of Farnborough police, said last Friday: "We are already in the process of interviewing one witness, but we need more help from the public."

He said it was essential the pair were caught before they did the same thing again.

"The possible consequences of this type of activity are all too obvious," he continued.

Sgt Pressley said officers were doing their best to keep an eye on pedestrian bridges which cross busy roads in the area.

"But it's impossible for us to keep a 24-hour-a-day watch," he added.

The public could play their part by taking note of any youngsters seen acting suspiciously on bridges.

Last Thursday's incident, which happened while schools were on holiday, is the third in recent weeks in the Star area.

Lorry driver Michael Little died after someone hurled a brick through the windscreen of his lorry as it travelled along the M3 at Camberley.

In a new development in the inquiry, police are investigating the possibility of a link between his death and an attempt to steal a Renault Clio from Brackendale Road at 12.30am on March 21 - the period of the incident.

They believe the killer may have tried to steal the car as he fled from the footbridge.

He apparently cut himself while trying to break into the car, and forensic experts hope the blood DNA will help them catch the murderer.

Four weeks ago another lorry was struck by a rock as it approached Fintry Bridge which passes over the M3 at Farnborough.The driver was unhurt. A 12-year-old boy was later arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and is currently on bail.

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