CHILDREN at Hawley Primary School found themselves "on parade" when the army paid a visit.

It wasn't quite like "Lads' Army" - the ITV series which is recreating the square-bashing days of National Service in the '50s.

But the 96 pupils, aged seven to nine, still had to push themselves as they faced up to an assault course in the school grounds.

Urged on by the soldiers, they tackled a series of obstacles which included leaping through tyres, jumping from a balance bar and crawling through a tunnel.

They also dressed up in snipers' camouflage, and used radios to negotiate their way blindfold through a maze.

And they sampled the rations issued to members of the 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales' Royal Regiment when on patrol.

The visit was arranged by teacher Emma Swanson whose husband is a captain with the regiment.

Mrs Bev Ross, one of the teachers involved, said: "It was an excellent session and the soldiers were brilliant."

She said the visit had provided the pupils with valuable information for an environmental project which they are working on.