THE West End Centre in Aldershot has already made its New Year's resolution — to give up smoking.

The arts venue in Queens Road has decided to ban smoking from its main auditorium during seated shows, in the interests of the health and comfort of all customers.

Centre director James Barry says the ruling was made following requests from many regular patrons and performers.

The new policy will run throughout the forthcoming season, from January to March, starting with Richard Herring's one-man show Christ on a Bike on January 19. It will then be reviewed at the end of March to gauge its success.

"This was a joint decision, agreed by all our staff — even the smokers," said Mr Barry.

"We hope our customers will appreciate that this is the right thing to do for the sake of all those who come here, customers and performers alike. I'd be happy to hear people's views on our decision."

The smoking ban will affect those who go to the regular Blues and World music events at the centre, as well as people visiting the Hecklers Comedy Club.

The no smoking policy previously only applied to theatre shows and those where the performers had requested it.