A SKY TV channel is hunting for the best under-13 footballers in the UK (a team of 10 girls and a team of 10 boys) to take part in an international football tournament.

The competition is in three stages, starting at ASDA, Farnborough, on Saturday, February 9, and culminating in the cup finals in Barcelona at Easter.

The announcement of the UK team will be made on March 1. However, the aim is to help find the team which will represent the UK in this 6-a-side event.

One boy and one girl will be chosen from every ASDA store to attend the regional rounds. To select the best players, a professional footballer will be at the store, between 10am-12noon. The activity will take place in the car park.Those chosen from the region will go on to the national final; on that day the ten boys and ten girls will be selected to represent the UK in the global finals in Spain.

Further information is available from Trish Hobbs, Events, ASDA Farnborough, tel 376074.