TWO babies escaped serious injury after a light fell from the ceiling and crashed inches away from them in Asda’s Farnborough store.

Eight-month-old twins Oliver and Lucie-Ann Cuttle were quietly sitting in their trolley in the lighting aisle of Asda when a tubular light from the ceiling smashed down and exploded on the floor.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the twins’ mother Sarah Cuttle. “There was a loud crashing noise and this six foot long light was lying on the ground in front of the shelves.

“There was glass all over the floor and it must have still been hot because there was smoke pouring out.

“It was really, really horrible — at first I didn’t realise what it was.”

Oliver was showered with shards of glass from the light. They were in his hair and clothes.

“Ollie was crying, not because he was hurt but because the noise made him jump,” added Miss Cuttle.

“I stood there for a while with several other customers waiting for someone to come and see if we were all right but no-one came and asked at all.

“In the end I had to go over to the customer service desk myself to speak to them about what had happened.

“When the manager did come out he walked straight past me and I had to go up to him.

“I think he started to panic a bit and he did offer Oliver a new jacket, but that wasn’t really the point.

“I was a nervous wreck and just wanted some kind of explanation.”

Miss Cuttle was then offered a £20 gift voucher by the manager, although she says this was still not acceptable.

“He just wanted to shut me up,” she said. “If that light had landed a bit nearer, or on Oliver’s head, it could have killed him.”

The manager was not available for comment but a spokesman for Asda said: “The store did apologise at the time, and we are still investigating as to what happened.”

The twins’ father, Jon Couch, Sports Editor at trhe News, said: “Obviously I was extremely concerned when I heard about the incident, and I am not happy with Asda’s response.

“I am delighted that they escaped without any injuries — this was a serious incident that could have had serious consequences.”