BADSHOT Lea Garden Centre at Badshot Lea, near Farnham, has recently made some exciting changes under its new ownership. In has come a bright new logo with a fresher purple and green design and all the staff have been issued with new lilac and purple uniforms.

Director, Jo Caffyn-Parsons said: "As a consequence of this change in uniform we were left with 200 green polo shirts and sweatshirts that were in perfectly good condition. We did not want to throw them away and so we decided to recycle the old garden centre uniform. I contacted some aid agencies, Handsworth Missionary Services and Health Help International, who desperately needed clothing for teenagers and adults."

Health Help International has sent the first batch of Badshot Lea Garden Centre uniforms to Zambia. Handsworth Missionary Services are sending the remainder to Sierra Leone later this month.

Said Jo: "We are grateful to our staff at Badshot Lea Garden Centre who have been supportive in returning their old uniforms, clean and pressed, to send out to these aid projects."