BURGER King faces a tough battle over its plan to build a drive-through restaurant at one of Camberley's busiest road junctions.

Residents living near the Jolly Farmer roundabout are calling on Surrey Heath Council planners to throw out the scheme.

They have backed their demand with a 191-signature petition which says that the proposed two-lane drive-through would cause traffic dangers.

The protesters also fear that students at nearby Collingwood College would be tempted to dart across the busy A30 to reach the take-away which would be in the middle of the roundabout.

Their fears are backed by college head Jerrie Oddie who is concerned that pupils would ignore instructions to use the footbridge which crosses the road.

One objector, Linda Calvert, of Maultway Crescent, said: "This is already an horrendous junction, and it will become even more dangerous and congested if this Burger King scheme is approved."

The drive-through is earmarked for the former Mongolian Barbecue restaurant which is now empty and boarded up.

Burger King is seeking permission to alter the access and reshape the building.

The company has been told, however, that its application will not be considered until it has carried out a traffic impact survey.

"We will not consider the application until the company supplies us with details of that survey," said a council planning spokeswoman.