AN Aldershot home was given a facelift when it appeared on the BBC’s DIY SOS after one of the children wrote into the programme asking for help.

Jane Kelly, of St Michael’s Road, said she was grateful to her 11-year-old son, Daniel, for inviting them into the Victorian house, saying the work had transformed their lives. As a result of the TV show presented by Nick Knowles, the house now has a working kitchen and elegant living room, whereas before it had two old ramshackle kitchens.

“It’s made a huge difference. It gives me a bit of peace because I can sit in the kitchen while the kids are watching the television. Before, I was always in the room next door because the kitchen was a bombsite,” said Mrs Kelly.

The show went out on television last Thursday but was made last summer.

“They came in on the Monday and started filming the family. Then I went to stay with a friend until I was allowed to see it on the Friday.”

She said Daniel went in daily to follow the programme’s progress and help out where possible.

She also admitted to shedding a tear when the results were unveiled.

“I was really nervous. It was a high tension moment and I burst into tears.”