BOGUS council officials are calling at homes and businesses in the Camberley area.

Some are claiming to work for Surrey Heath Council as gardening contractors.

Others are tricking their way into business premises on the pretext that they are involved with health and safety.

Jackie Swaine, council community safety officer, said: "Everyone should be on their guard for these bogus officials.

"Anyone who has any doubts about someone claiming to be from the council should call us immediately."

The council's officers, she said, always carried identification and would be willing to wait while a verification call was made.

Such calls should be made to the council's reception desk - 01276 707100.

A Frimley Green resident alerted the council about a bogus gardening contractor who wanted to cut back his privet hedge and trim two trees.

He sent the man packing, but in the past residents have been cheated by so-called gardeners touting for business.

As for the health and safety conmen, the council admits it has no idea what they are up to.

"We don't know what their purpose is," said council press officer Amanda Gow. "It could be that perhaps they want some inside knowledge prior to carrying out a burglary."

The council has passed information about all the bogus callers to the police.