HOSPITAL chiefs have taken action following complaints of car park rage at Frimley Park.

They are introducing an airport-style parking scheme which they hope will be less frustrating for motorists.

The new pay-on-foot system - due to be introduced this week - replaces the old method where departing motorists handed their ticket and payment to an attendant.

According to Janet King, hospital facilities chief, that system caused delays and made some drivers hot under the collar.

"On occasions it even led to aggressive behaviour towards the car park attendants," she said.

She believed the new system would be more efficient, resulting in a quicker turn-round of parking spaces.

Charges are remaining the same, and the disabled and those on benefits will continue to receive free parking.

Special arrangements are also being made to provide free parking for volunteers who work at the hospital.

In an effort to reduce early afternoon traffic congestion, the start of visiting for patients is being put back to 3pm.

The alteration follows complaints about traffic queues stretching onto the Portsmouth Road between 2pm and 2.30pm each day.

Part of the problem has been caused by visitors arriving at the same time as staff are coming on duty.

Nursing director Mary Dunne appealed to visitors to delay their arrival until after 2.30pm.

She added that the 3pm start time for visitors would remain until at least the autumn.

By then a new upper deck should have been built on to the front car park.