8 For - 159 Against. That was the verdict of a survey on a plan to put road humps in Ayling Lane.

RUSHMOOR Council this week agreed to take a fresh look at its proposals for traffic calming in the Ayling Lane area of Aldershot after former Aldershot councillor Robert Maunder presented Council Leader Coun. John Marsh with a petition signed by 159 people objecting to the plans.

Mr Maunder was at the Rushmoor offices on Tuesday afternoon when he told Coun. Marsh and highways boss Jim Pettit that of all the people who returned his forms only eight were in favour of the changes. Coun. Marsh said officers and local ward members would discuss the whole question and ideas would then be put out for local consultation.

Mr Pettit said the traffic calming had been proposed not for speeding but because of the road being used as a rat run. It now appeared that residents had changed their minds.

Mr Maunder believes that pedestrian controlled crossings are the answer to many of the town's problems. He described Boxalls Lane as "positively dangerous" and said the humps should be torn up and replaced by three crossings.

Mr Maunder also described the roundabout between Lower Farnham Road and Boxalls Lane as "the very worst piece of road engineering in the area". He revealed that he was recently stuck in a jam for 15 minutes because a pantechnicon could not turn right around it to get to Badshot Lea. He also called for the buildouts in Victoria Road to be removed and replaced by crossings.