Retired businessman Brian Kettle is the latest to be unjustly whacked with an £80 congestion charge fine by "Red Ken" Livingstone.

Brian, who lives at Glebe Road, Farnborough, was supposedly caught on camera driving down Pentonville Road in London without paying the infamous £5 charge. The licence number was definitely his - JLT 888.

But the joke is on Red Ken. Because that is the licence of Brian's 1948 vintage Norton motorcycle, and it is securely locked up all winter and not even brought out until April each year.

Brian said what made it even more laughable was that motorcycles are exempt anyway under the new rules!

"It's unbelievable how we get treated these days," he said. "I'm not going to pay. I'll photocopy the registration document and send that with a letter. Somebody is running around with my registration."

Brian qualified as an engineer after an apprenticeship at the RAE. He later started his own business supplying exhaust emission equipment. In his retirement his hobby is restoring vintage motorcycles.