ABOUT 2,000 bikers enjoyed this month’s Lord Derby bike rally — the biggest of the year so far.

“It was a lovely day so it was very busy,” said Insp Charlie Raison, who was in charge of policing the event.

“The whole evening went very well, considering the numbers there.

“We had about 40 to 45 police officers at various times throughout the evening, along with the force spotter plane.

“We have used the plane in the past and we intend to use it every time there is likely to be large numbers of bikers attending.

“There were numerous offences of people speeding and having defective motorbikes.

“We also had a mobile speed camera unit on the A287 and on the A30 and we will also have them for future meetings. I have not got the figures back from them yet but it’s fair to say they would have got quite a few customers.

“There was one minor accident on the roundabout when a motorcyclist fell off his bike on to the gravel. He dislocated a few fingers but he put them back himself.”

About 30 officers policed last month’s rally, which attracted about 500 bikers.

The popular event, held on the first Wednesday of the month at Bartley Heath in North Warnborough, has attracted up to 5,000 people.