FIFTY six householders in Blackwater should know by the end of the month whether they will face bills of hundreds of pounds to repair their sewers.

Hart Council sent a team to the area last Wednesday and again on Monday to jet clean the sewers and then take CCTV pictures to see what is causing blockage problems. They could come from the pumping station in Rosemary Lane but if the fault lies in the parts of Cheriton Way, Cedar Avenue and Kingsway that are not adopted the home owners will have to pay for repairs.

Local residents' spokesman Mr Alan Berry said this week that Hart had carried out last week's operation at very short notice and had warned that too many people should not be in attendance.

He said that Yateley Police had turned up when four or five residents had gathered to ask what was happening - Hart had denied that it had called them in.

But local member Coun. Brian Blewett said Hart had followed its normal procedures. The Council did not want unnecessary persons present so it could do its work without interference.

He said a report would be drawn up shortly and residents would be told the results at a public meeting if necessary.

"I am sure there will be great interest in the results of this survey," he added.