Yateley people can have their say in how the town centre develops.

The aim is to draw up plans for what the ideal centre should look like and feature.

This design framework for Yateley to produce a long term plan for the village centre is to be drawn up by a new body backed by local authorities and community and conservation bodies.

Yateley councillor Edward Dawson, who chairs the new Yateley Town Centre Management Group, told the Star: "Former MP Julian Critchley used to call Yateley a frontier town and a one eyed town. That is not the sort of image we want - it should be a place in which people want to live."

Coun. Dawson said that things had improved in Yateley in recent years and many people were putting down roots in the town, which had a massive population influx in the sixties and seventies.

"But there are still far too many incidents of vandalism which show that some people don't care," he said. "Also, the shopping centre has not changed much in recent years and perhaps we need to look at getting rid of some of the 1960s buildings and replacing them with something more up to date.

"At the same time we want to retain the rural feel - we don't want to create another Camberley or Fleet."

The area being looked at covers Reading Road from Hall Lane to Cricket Hill Lane including the village green, St Peter's Church and Plough Lane.

Backers of the project include Hampshire, Hart and Yateley councils, the Countryside Agency, North Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and the Yateley Society. The new framework is intended to have supplementary planning guidance status.

A series of public exhibitions and meetings is being planned and Coun. Dawson said he hoped as many Yateley people as possible would put their views to him.